Welcome to Eldertainment

Eldertainment specialise in providing managed entertainment solutions for Aged Care facilities. With a wide variety of options to suit all of your entertainment requirements we are the entertainment solution you have been looking for.

We will provide

– Experienced performers and artists with age appropriate material- Constant variety through our network of available artists

– Organised scheduling to fit in around your facilities needs

– A single point of contact to save you time and make it easy to provide consistently high quality entertainment in your facility.

Check out the complete list of available performers on our Artists and Interactive displays page or contact us via our contact page for more information or to make a booking.

Want a sneek peek? Click the link below to have a look at some short videos of our performers at work.

Paul Hogan Performance Footage, Paul Hogan Performance Footage1

Rachael Dee PerformanceRachael Dee Performance 1